Bryan Zanisnik

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Meadowlands Picaresque, Site-Specific Installation and Performance, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY, 2013


A Woman Waits For Me, Site-Specific Installation and Performance, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY, 2013


Five Weeks in a Balloon, Site-Specific Installation and Performance, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013


Weather Studies, Performance, Hotel Particulier, New York, NY, 2013


One Book Opens Another, 23" x 62", Photograph, 2013


Life on Mars, 36" x 60", Photograph, 2013


When I See Candles Burning I Always Feel That I am Wealthy, 20" x 27", Photograph, 2013


The Pattern on the Coffered Ceiling, 15" x 27", Photograph, 2013


A Cup of Coffee For the Man in My Office, 14" x 19", Photograph, 2013


Edinburgh Rock Hey, 18" x 14", Photograph, 2013


Post Attica Reforms, 3:03 Minutes, HD Video, 2013, Video Clip